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Jontie Rants: The Best of Us, The Worst of Them

I did it, I published my first "rant"! I didn't realize how hard it would be to sit down and record it.

I was "inspired", if you can call it that, by the recent killing of a family in London, Canada, targeted because of their faith. The subject is really sad, but I think it's worth exploring the idea of "the best of us and the worst of them". The idea that we perceive the best traits and intentions of those groups with which we identify, and the worst traits and intentions of those groups with which we don't identify. In reality, there's good and bad in all groups. Accusations directed at entire groups of people really does no good in fostering a civil discussion, or in reducing the threat. If anything we escalate tensions, build more mistrust, which turns to hate and to violence.

In my opinion the solution begins within each of us. That being said, I'm open to other thoughts and ideas, and I hope you share yours.

About the Author

Jontie Karden

Thanks for dropping by. More than sharing my thoughts, I want to start a dialogue. One that we sorely need. Please share your thoughts below.

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