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Meet an Immigrant: Hannah Kang

Are you curious how the recent attacks on Asians is affecting the community? Want to know how you can help respond to the explosion of harassment and violence directed at them? And on a lighter note, is it offensive to ask Asian Americans where they’re from?

In our 6th episode, Hannah Kang shares her experiences and insights growing up, attending college, and working in the US … from the perspective of a Korean-American woman.

Hannah shared the following resources for those interested in being more informed and involved:

To learn more and support the Asian American community in NYC, visit Asian American Federation

To report  a hate incident, go to Stop AAPI Hate

Stay informed with these instagram handles:

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Jontie Karden

Thanks for dropping by. More than sharing my thoughts, I want to start a dialogue. One that we sorely need. Please share your thoughts below.

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