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Meet an Immigrant: Interview with Abdul Rahman Chao

Over the years, I’ve learned so much speaking to friends from around the country and around the world. Over meals, during road trips, or sometimes just sitting around, we’ve enjoyed long discussions on history, culture, religion and politics. These moments have been among the most enjoyable of my life. They’ve opened my mind to different perspectives and shaped who I am today. Now I want to share these experiences with you.

Abdul-Rahman Chao immigrated to the US with his family at a young age. To describe him as a Chinese-American IT Professional would be a gross understatement. He was born in Malaysia, grew up on both the west and east coast of the US, then attended college in Medina, Saudi Arabia and Nashville, Tennessee. His diverse life experiences and formal education in both Christianity and Islam give him a unique perspective that is equal parts insightful and humorous. I hope you enjoy his interview.

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Jontie Karden

Thanks for dropping by. More than sharing my thoughts, I want to start a dialogue. One that we sorely need. Please share your thoughts below.

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